HEKATE is a FREE inspirational application for iPad for anyone interested in exploring the multiple astrological patterns between planets, signs and houses. HEKATE provides individual interpretations for the planets, signs, houses and aspects and inspirational key sentences for all possible combinations between them.

HEKATE is now also available for FREE for MAC and Windows. Hekate Mac Demo Hekate Windows Demo
DRAG, ROTATE and EXPLORE the multiple interpretations and combinations of the ten main planets in signs, planets in houses and aspects between planets. Since HEKATE is essentially an inspiration tool, a “clean-mode” has also been included for a more contemplative and meditative usage. HEKATE can be used on projectors with technologies similar to AirServer
inspiration INSPIRATION
Find inspiration with the INSPIRATOR, HEKATE‘s algorithm that generates inspirational key sentences based on the position of planets in signs, planets in houses and astrological aspects (waxing and waning) between planets . The INSPIRATOR is the perfect tool to trigger the imagination and intuition around all possible astrological components.
All the content in HEKATE is entirely customizable. Feel free to CREATE your own interpretations and inject your own sentences, keywords and expressions in the engine. Make HEKATE yours and let it open the door of your intuition.



A holistic approach

All Interpretations in HEKATE, including the key sentences generated by the INSPIRATOR, are influenced by a holistic approach of Astrology, mainly influenced by  Dane Rudhyar, and by the spiritual insights of the author and developer Calwen.

The astrological symbology essentially points to forces and energy fields, and the dynamic between them, operating cyclically within the field of the universal consciousness.


There is more to aspects

In HEKATE, WANING and WAXING aspects are interpreted in line with the approach of the cycles of Dane Rudhyar, which takes into account the full dimension of every cycle, involution and evolution.


Add you own content

The content of the INSPIRATOR is entirely customizable. Choose your own KEYWORDSSENTENCES and EXPRESSIONS to suit your own style and approach.